Take A Step Forward In Faith

I am reading this book with my friend called “Finding Your Voice” by Natalie Grant. I am only on page 45, but so far it is definitely a great book. Recommend 100%! One sentence in the chapter I was reading was “It’s time to take a step forward in faith, to walk on the water and believe that you can do anything through Him.” I have always believed I can do anything through God, yet everyone doubts what they can do. In the chapter it talked about Peter walking on water towards Jesus. Imagine that being you. Would you listen to Him and step off the boat to walk on the water alongside Jesus? You may say of course I would. Thinking about doing something and actually doing it are completely different. When you think about something you are scared to do, go do it. Trust in God to keep you safe and to be able to do it. Take the leap of faith and see where it takes you.



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