Summer is coming to an end!

I got back from camp about two weeks ago. I’m so excited for future posts on this blog because I learned so much this past summer and I can’t wait to share the many different things I learned.

This summer was amazing, but it is coming to an end. The stress is about to drop right on to each of you. It could be super hard this year or just a normal school year. Stress can be hard to deal with, but with God you can get through it.

What is sustenance?

Sustenance is something (such as food) that keeps someone or something alive. As it says in the definition, food is something that sustains us. Water, also, sustains us. God is the perfect example of sustenance. Most people wouldn’t think of God, at least not as the first thing that pops into their head. Read John 6:30-40. He is saying that he is what our souls need. He wants us to go to him, believe in him, and he will provide for us. God will provide and sustain us, just like he has all our lives.

Have a wonderful start to your school year!


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