Recieving A Gift

First of all, Happy St. Patrick’s Day. I hope y’all are all keeping up with the Proverbs Challenge I told you guys about a few posts ago! This is a verse from today’s reading. “Receiving a gift is like getting a rare gemstone; any way you look at it, you see beauty refracted.” That verse is Proverbs 17:8 MSG. We all get gifts at different points in our lives, whether it is for a birthday or a holiday. Everything you get is a rare gemstone. The person who gave you the gift gave you it for a reason. It was specially picked out for you. Some gifts you might not want, maybe like a sweater your grandmother knitted for you. You may not like it, but your grandma took time to make it special for you. It truly is a rare gem. It is unique and only for you. You should always appreciate it when someone gives you a gift. God gave you a gift too. He gave you your life and everything you have. He created you. You are a rare gemstone! You are beauty refracted, just as the verse says. Be you because God gave you as a gift to your parents. When ever you receive a gift, think about this verse and think about your gift as everything it says in Proverbs 17:8. Also, whenever you receive a gift, be sure to give back and be thankful.

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